The 200-bottle wine list includes samples from across the globe including incredibly mouthwatering, minerally, fruity wines from our doorstep in Kent.  With more than 85 different wine grapes, dozens of techniques, from classics to new generation of innovative winemakers, the list is definitely worth the trip to Wrotham.

The house wine never disappoints!  It is always of an incredible taste and quality, picked from one of our suppliers to suit price bracket – don’t be afraid to ask for a taste!

Over 20 wines by the glass that you can taste without opening the bottle!

The Coravin system used at The Bull is revolutionary! Through an ingenious system where a needle that penetrates the cork can pour the wine from the bottle while filling the void with the heavy noble gases argon. The aroma and flavour neutral gas protects the wine that remains in the bottle against oxidation. All this happens without the cork is removed. The elasticity of the cork ensures that the hole after the needle closes and the wine can be keep for several months in the bottle.

View the exciting list of wines by the glass.

Craft beers, real ales, draught, IPA

Since 2014 we are stocking some artisan beers that are being made in London, only twenty miles away – we call that a local produce! Fascinating, small production and hand bottled beers full of flavour and history. All the beers are bottled live, never filtered or pasteurised. Our selection of craft beers is constantly changing.  Some of them are picked up by Martin himself (it is the only way to get them!) from Beavertown, Redchurch, Camden Town and Kernel breweries.

We have our two regular ales – Dark Star and Old Dairy, two English lagers – Chapel Down and Camden Town and 4 crafts beers. England now we are blessed with such a wide and diverse choice of pale ales, IPA’s, porters, stouts, sour, season fruit beers, German style beers… the list goes on.

Our unique selection of bottled and on-tap craft beers from the UK’s best microbreweries is constantly updated to provide you with new and interesting choices.  Enjoy it with the popular authentic Bull menu!