Here at The Bull, being a freehouse, we like to do things a bit differently and hopefully a bit more interesting. The range of drinks is adventurous, dynamic and diverse, focusing in quality and value. Whether you fancy a beer, an ale, an artisan Bourbon or an after-work cocktail, The Bull is stocked with a plethora of interesting tipples to explore.

The Bull was first licensed in 1365 and since then English passion for a drink only got even stronger.

Happy drinking!

Craft Beers

We have stocked artisan and craft beers since 2014. Most of them are being made in London, only twenty miles away – we call that local produce – fascinating, small production and hand bottled beers full of flavour designed to excite and intrigue. And full of and history too.

All beers are bottled live, never filtered or pasteurised. Our selection of craft beers is constantly changing. Some of them are picked up by Martin himself (it is the only way to get them). We stock beers for everyone, offering a whole host of aromas, flavours, colours and textures. Everyone can get on that journey of discovery into what beer can be. Temptation is calling…

We love the creativity and amazing tasting notes of beers from Beavertown, Redchurch, Camden Town, Brewdog, Partizan, Titanic, Siren, Lervig, Kernel.

The AA Notable Wine List Award

“Since we took over The Bull in 2007, I have been working hard to build our wine list. This means going to wine tastings, tastings samples I am sent, talking to suppliers, reading about wine, discussing wine with my clients and analysing my favourite restaurants’ wine lists.

Also I have been pushing my boundaries trying completely different wines such as orange wines, volcanic wines and natural wines from either small family run artisan to long-term established large producers.

It is great to receive The AA Notable Wine Award.  Considering we are a small family run inn in the country side, being one of the only 5 awarded wine lists in the whole Kent is such an achievement for me!”


Through an ingenious system where a needle that penetrates the cork can pour the wine from the bottle while filling the void with the heavy noble gases argon. The aroma and flavour-neutral gas protects the wine that remains in the bottle against oxidation. All this happens without the cork being removed. The elasticity of the cork ensures that the hole after the needle closes and the wine can be keep for several months in the bottle.

You can taste a wine without opening the bottle.

This system allows us to serve 20 different wines by the glass.  I guarantee that you will find at least a glass of wine you will love at The Bull.

A hotel for foodies and wine lovers


Gourmet food

There’s no better weekend away than heading to a historic inn in the countryside with an award winning restaurant and wine list.

The rooms are extremely cosy and though the restaurant has earned praise from the national press, the service is friendly,
the food is without pretention and the atmosphere is relaxed.

Being a freehouse, the range of drinks is adventurous, dynamic and diverse. The Bull is stocked with a plethora of interesting tipples
to explore from craft beers and ales, to artisan Bourbon and wines. With more than 100 different wine grapes, dozens of techniques, from classics to new generation of innovative winemakers, the 180-bottle wine list is awarded by The AA the top in the whole Kent.