Voucher – 25% off your food bill

New Year Gift Voucher

Print your New Year Gift Voucher 2019


25% off your food bill in January & February 2019 (Monday to Friday)

You will be spoiled for choices! The Bull menu has more than 40 dishes to choose from including pub classics, smokehouse favourites, steaks, chops and freshly cooked desserts. Just print your New Year Gift Voucher 2019.


Now winter is here we have some time to do some fun things with the menu, these will last until the end of March, so get in QUICK!

Wednesday is curry night
Every Wednesday we will have a different curry from around the world, starting with an all-time classic on the 16th with Chicken Tikka Marsala

Thursday is roast chicken night
Who doesn’t love a chicken roasted to ORDER? CRISPY SKIN, drumsticks to pick up, sticky thigh meat surrounded by roasted veg. We are using 1kg free range birds, perfect for 2 or 3 people depending on your APPETITE! Price £24 complete meal for two.

All these dishes will be under the 25% off Gift Voucher offer in January and February. Just print your New Year Gift Voucher 2019

NOTE: Gourmet Break £119 every Friday and Saturday in January and February 2019


*TC’s: 25% off your food bill in January & February 2019, lunch or dinner, Monday to Friday, tables of any size. Drinks are not included. Not valid in conjunction with any other offer. Not valid on Valentine’s Day. Bookings on 01732 789 800


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