The AA Notable Wine List Award 2018-2019

Wine List

The Bull Wine List
voted one of the top five wine lists in Kent



Since we took over The Bull, 10 years ago, I have been working hard to build our wine list. i.e. going to wine tastings, tastings samples I am sent, talking to suppliers, reading about wine, discussing wine with my clients and analysing my favourite restaurants’ wine lists.

Also I have been pushing my boundaries trying completely different wines such as orange wines, volcanic wines and natural wines from either small family-run artisan farmers to long-term stablished large producers.

The Notable Wine List Award

I am so excited to announce that we have won The AA Notable Wine List Award 2018-2019.

According to The AA:

“Introduced in 1998 by The AA, this award recognises an outstanding contribution to promoting wine understanding and appreciation. Nominees are judged on the quality of their wine list and their ability to inspire customers to make wider and more adventurous choices in selecting wines.  Winners have shown a real passion for wine and offer a fair pricing policy and interesting coverage or areas of specialism, so you can be assured of a choice of the very best wines to complement your award-winning meal”.

We have won some important accolades since we took over The Bull. Nowadays we hold a 4AA Silver Star Accommodation, 2AA Rosette Restaurant and a coveted listing in the Michelin Guide.

It is great to receive the Notable Wine Award. It feels like my ethos, my ability to choose wines and to differentiate and recognise a good wine has been recognised. I was right all the time!

Considering we are a small family run inn in the country side, being one of the only 5 awarded wine lists in the whole Kent is such an achievement for us!

Our wine list in numbers

• 41 pages
• 180+ wines on the list
• 180+ detailed tasting notes
• 100+ different grapes
• 15 different countries
• 43 wine bottles under £30
• 63 wine bottles between £30-£40
• 31 different wines by the glass

The Price

It’s easy to make a great wine list if all the wines costs a lot! The art is finding interesting wines that have something to offer at a sensible price.

We have a total of 106 bottles under £40, 43 out of them are under £30. This gives our clients the opportunity to try wines, vintages, grapes, processes without breaking the bank!

The Variety

For those of you who know me, I could easily make the wine list twice the size, bigger, bolder, crazier! But, it would become difficult for all the staff to manage it and for you guys to choose a bottle.

Instead I prefer to constantly change the titles, buy small quantities and more often so we always have new wines for you to choose from.

The Bull wine list includes samples from across the globe including incredibly mouth-watering, minerally, fruity wines from our doorstep in Kent. With more than 100 different wine grapes, dozens of techniques, from classics to new generation of innovative winemakers.

Wines by the Glass

We serve 31 wines by the glass that you can taste without opening the bottle!

The Coravin system used at The Bull is revolutionary. Through an ingenious system where a needle that penetrates the cork can pour the wine from the bottle while filling the void with the heavy noble gases argon.

The aroma and flavour neutral gas protects the wine that remains in the bottle against oxidation. All of this happens without the cork being removed.

I guarantee that you will find at least a glass of wine you will love at The Bull.

The House Wine

The house wine never disappoints! It is always of an incredible taste and quality, picked from one of our suppliers to suit price bracket – don’t be afraid to ask for a taste!

The Off-List

We have the ‘off-list’ wine list which includes wines that are too good not to buy at least a case! The plan is to sell half and drink the other half.  This list is in Martin’s head, so just ask if you are interested. Please take note that most of these are around £40 to £70.

We hope to see you soon!

Happy drinking!




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