Orange Wines


Something new? Well, actually it is quite old, aka, skin-contact wines. Made by small, dedicated producers, their fame is spreading.

by Martin Deadman

I love skin-contact wines! They offer something different in terms of the experience of the wine. They can be wholesome and nourishing, whilst unveiling textural complexity and subtle tonal shifts.

Orange wines are named because of their colour, not their contents. They are made with the same principles and methods as red wine, but are actually white. The wine is spicier, herbier and drier than most.

Interestingly, if you taste the wine blind and at different temperatures you may mistake them for red wine, likely because of the methods used to brew them.

You can make in skin-contact wine various ways. Some growers will destem the grapes, whilst others prefer to use whole bunches. Some vinify in a slow oxidative fashion, whilst others use carbonic maceration. They use oak, clay or cement to ferment and age the wine. Macerations may range anywhere from three days to two years!

We do stock some orange wine here at The Bull and offer two by the glass for you to try.


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