In England now we are blessed with such a wide and diverse choice of pale ales, IPA’s, porters, stouts, sour, season fruit beers, German style beers… the list goes on.

Since 2014 we have been stocking some artisan beers that are made in London, only twenty miles away – we call that local produce. Our selection of funky craft beers on tap is constantly changing. We also always keep 2 ales and 2 lagers from absolutely amazing breweries.

On Tap

We keep all the time:

Two ales – Hop Head from Dark Star Brewery and Red Top from Old Dairy Brewery.

Also two English lagers – Curious Brew from Chapel Down and Hell’s from Camden Town Brewery.

Our unique selection of 4 on-tap craft beers from the UK’s best microbreweries is constantly updated to provide you with new and interesting choices.

Craft Beers

Since 2014 we have stocked some artisan beers that are being made in London, only twenty miles away – we call that local produce!

Fascinating, small production and hand bottled beers full of flavour and history. All the beers are bottled live, never filtered or pasteurised. Our selection of craft beers is constantly changing. Some of them are picked up by Martin himself (it is the only way to get them!).  We love the creativity and amazing tasting notes of beers from Beavertown, Redchurch, Camden Town, Brewdog, Partizan, Titanic, Siren, Lervig, Kernel.

Sample Beer List

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