Tasting Evening For Ten


A few weeks ago, July 2023, we had the opportunity to craft an extra-ordinary dining experience – a 11-course tasting menu pairing with 11 wines for 10 guests.

It was a very special occasion for one of our dearest clients, Mike, who loves exploring our eclectic ‘off-list’ wines that I keep within the cellar.

When Mike visits to The Bull, he often seeks out and sample my suggestions, mostly the unorthodox orange and skin-contact wines. With a special birthday approaching fast, I was asked to put together a tasting menu for a selected group of ten foodie friends of Mike’s.

The guests gathered in the private dining room for the 70th birthday celebration, with course after course, wine after wine, pouring through the door. Each course was beautifully created by the chefs to provide a wide range of flavours, textures and colours, all cooked with the freshest produce. Lamb, sea bass, ceviche, crab, beef, cod,  artisan cheese… from the teasing amuse-bouche to the grand crescendo of the final course, every dish was a surprise for the guests who didn’t know what had been prepared especially for them.

I thought long and hard and meticulously selected the wines to complement and elevate each course.

Four hours later, this exceptionally adventurous group had tasted 11 courses and had drunk 1 bottle of wine each!

Legendary! I had so much fun preparing this tasting event for Mike, throwing myself into my passions for fine food and fine wines. But it was the exclusive and intimate gathering itself that made this event truly special. Ten guests, brought together by a shared appreciation for fine food, good company, and delicious wines.


“We had a fabulous time yesterday and our friends are and will be talking about it for ages! Thanks to you and your team for making Mike’s birthday so special. It’s set the bar high for next year – this might have to become an annual event!”


We were so pleased when we received this lovely message – happy many returns, Mike!

Martin xxx

(I have copied below the menu plus images of the dishes and wines, have a look if you wish)




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