Inspiration from the USA meets the English passion for barbecue: The Bull menu is a festival of high quality meat cooked to perfection using traditional smoking and barbecue techniques.


Packed with tantalizing aromas that fill the kitchen, the options of nibbles, BBQ burgers and platters will mesmerise you.

The Bull menu is available for lunch and dinner during the week and all day at weekends. Get ahead of the pack and book your spot at this BBQ nirvana today.

In the smoker, imported from Texas

Our specialist Ole Hickory Pits wood-burning smoker (the only one in the whole of Kent!) cooks the meat low and slow for hours using a secret combination of carefully selected woods, deepening the meat’s flavour, leaving it moist and butter soft.

Extraordinary meat

Whether from our deeply committed local farmers or premium suppliers further afield, the quality of the meat we serve is supreme. Then we age, rub, brush, marinate, grill, smoke the meat to ramp up the flavour, add moisture and trap the smoke flavour.

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