Four in a Bed

Four in a Bed



We won Series 13 of FOUR IN A BED!

It was such an awesome experience, very intense and stressful but most importantly, rewarding.

We loved all participants of the show and we can only thank them immensely for the honest feedback and for the unforgettable 15 days we spent together filming in Wigan, Hull and Weymouth.

The competition kicked off at the Holland Hall in Upholland where we played golf with hostesses Cathy and Genice. Our second visit is to The Railway Inn near Hull, run by Lydia and Luke. Our room had a few positive surprises and we enjoyed an archery competition in the afternoon. The third visit was to The Driftwood B&B in Weymouth, run by Sara & Pete. We build sand castles in Weymouth and had a lovely dinner by the harbour.

Channel 4’s team was extremely professional and worked hard to make us all feel at ease. We learnt a lot about filming a show such as fitting and removing microphones, not looking at the camera, waiting for your turn to talk, not over-talking (which for us was particularly challenging…) and repetition, repetition, repetition. This experience has changed the way we watch a TV show forever!

You can still watch us on Four in a Bed, Channel Four on Series 13 Episodes 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30. Besides that, we also posted an exciting album of pictures on Facebook.

We hope you have as much fun watching the show as we had filming it!




The editorial below was published by

Sevenoaks Chronicle on 23rd October 2018

Owners of The Bull Hotel in Wrotham reveal secrets of Channel 4’s Four in a Bed

The filming took place in May and features other hotels in Hull, Wigan and Weymouth.

By Will Rider 15:44, 23 Oct 2018

The Bull Hotel in Wrotham has been welcoming visitors for the last six centuries but the historic inn recently welcomed a new type of guest.

The inn, near Sevenoaks, is featuring on Channel 4’s reality show Four in a Bed this week, where owners host and visit other hotels and rate their value for money.

Lygia Fontanella, an economist from Brazil, has run the hotel with her husband of 18 years, Martin Deadman, since 2007.

As well as housing a 2AA Rosette restaurant, the inn also recently received an AA Notable Wine Award for its wine selection.

‘We didn’t apply to take part’

Describing how the hotel became involved with the programme, Lygia, 50, explained: “It’s a long process. Actually, we didn’t apply to take part, they found us and thought that we were a fit for the programme. You have to do loads of interviews beforehand.”

The filming took place over two weeks in May, with Martin staying behind to look after the hotel. Mary Murray, who has been working as the breakfast chef for the last ten years, took his place.

Lygia said: “It’s a very intensive process. It’s two weeks of filming everyday for the whole day. Sometimes it’s from 10am in the morning to 11pm or midnight.

She added: “That’s why we didn’t go together. It’s almost impossible for both of us to leave for two weeks to do the programme.”

‘In the North the prices are much lower’

The other hotels to feature in the show include bed and breakfasts in Hull, Wigan and Weymouth.

Lygia admitted she had concerns that a north-south price divide may impact the chances of winning the competition.

She explained: “In the north the prices are much lower than the prices here in the south. So probably our rooms in the North wouldn’t cost that much.

“So one of our concerns was exactly that, the guys were going to come here without that mind frame.”

‘We didn’t have a clue at all where we were going to’

Explaining how secretive the filming process is, Lygia said: “We went to Wigan first then Hull then Weymouth but we didn’t have a clue at all where we were going to, which type of place, or the name of the hotel.

“We didn’t know anything so it was really a surprise every time we got to the hotel.”
She continued: “It was really, really good fun and they are extremely clever on how to film it. We actually don’t have any contact with the other owners.

“What I mean is, when we are not filming they don’t allow us to sit down and have a chat about business, about life. Every time we have a break and we chat with the other hotel owners there is a minder with us.

The shows air at 5pm on Channel 4 this week.


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